downsizing/selling a home

August 1, 2019

“Kathy Baldridge is absolutely an amazing Realtor. She is a true professional, in every sense of the word. Her knowledge of the various local neighborhoods and demographics allows her to make all the right decisions regarding timing and pricing for property sales. Kathy has excellent communication skills and she is very well connected within the real estate community and beyond. She is extremely patient and always takes the time to explain each step in the process of selling a home and down-sizing. Kathy suggests a plan with guidelines, and she provides steps to be followed along the way. No surprises. Any small bumps in the road along the way to closing, were handled quickly and effectively. This is extremely important, especially for senior citizens who may feel particularly overwhelmed by the thought of selling a home and moving. And, she offers a full menu of various services which she can provide along the way. Kathy helped find just the right price point for our home and placed it on the market at just the right time. She was extremely responsive to any questions or concerns. Her experience within the real estate market is most valuable. Our house sold in just one day for our asking price, and we had multiple offers for the property. We would highly recommend Kathy Baldridge to anyone thinking to sell their home. She is a great Realtor, and a kind, caring individual.”

24 Peacock Brook Ln, Amherst, NH 03031

Downsizing /Selling a Home

July 23, 2019

“In 4 months time Kathy and her team completed the down sizing and sale of my Mother’s Nevins condo. We had been down sizing it for the past 12 months as I live out of state and visited monthly. She is very knowledgeable of collectibles and antiques. Items that did not sell at the estate sale were sent to a consignment gallery or she took them to her next estate sale where they sold. Her estate sales draw a large response of interest and she worked with the Nevins community board to minimize the disruption of the neighborhood during the 3 day sale. Her contacts with the local senior programs and social media facilitated the sale of the property in 30 days. She performs a pre listing home inspection to identify any problem areas that may delay the sale of the property. Her communication with me was timely and performed digitally as well as personally based on the situation 24/7. I knew that no matter what the situation was Kathy was looking out for my Mother’s interests. Without hesitation, she was / is the one stop location for downsizing and sale of parent’s property. Thank you Kathy. :)”

8 Haley Ct, Londonderry, NH 03053